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A Torchbearer Event | The Right To Food Network Annual Convention

Nov ,  2019The Go2C team pens down a firsthand account of expressions for freedom amidst pressing times in the country earlier this September, as a diverse network of value-driven organisations meet under the Right to Food Umbrella. . .Read more

ESTAH Organizes National Farmathon 2019 !

June ,  2019Our Partner ESTAH organizes the first-of-its-kind National Farmathon event on 23-24 June 2019 at Bangalore, attempting to bring together those who support and those involved in natural and integral farming . . .Read more

A Voice For the Silenced

May,  2019Our Partner Initiative, Mauna Dhwani strives toward the rehabilitation of women survivors and marginalised communities . In this feature, their initiative on bringing sustainable livelihoods through reviving a handicraft of weaving in rural Orissa called Tanta Gatha gets featured in Connect ,Kellogg College's Annual Magazine . . .Read more

Environmental Sustainability & Youth Employment Must be Integrated to Address Rural Housing In India

December ,  2018The Inclusive Business Action Network, a global initiative supporting the scaling and replication of inclusive businesses blogs with the help of Indian Housing Federation (IHF), a Go2C Partner on Gharaunda, a rural housing pilot initiative in flood-prone Lakhimpur District in Assam. IHF builds a case in this on the five key steps for developing sustainable solutions to India’s rural housing crisis . . .Read more

Vocations and Avocations: Making CSR globally and morally relevant

May ,  2018The Yale School Of Management's blog features Lijo Chacko, our Executive Director making a pertinent case for governments, corporates and non-profits to come together towards social good, a concept central to Go2C. He weaves together his thoughts on how each of them in their shoes can bring together vocations and avocations, toward this goal . . .Read more

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