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Sanghamitra Institute

Social Impact

A institute for cultivating women's potential, for the educational development of Buddhist women, while provide special programs for women and children from economically and socially depressed groups in surrounding villages


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The Social Problem

Established in 2003, Sanghamitra Institute’s first initiative was to provide free education for children from local villages. During the summer, despite the heat, dedicated graduate student volunteers from California and Sikkim organized primary school classes in English, math, and hygiene for 120 local village children.

About Sanghamitra Institute

Today, Sanghamitra Institute is dedicated to improving life for women and children, especially from economically, educationally, and socially disadvantaged backgrounds. The institute has been founded by the Venerable Karma Lekshe Tsomo. She is a Buddhist nun, scholar, and social activist. She is also a professor at the University of San Diego, where she teaches Buddhism and World Religions.

The Institute is the first of its kind for these women, who now have a place of their own in Bodhgaya.

Go2C's Involvement

Go2C helped Sanghamitra put their organisational processes in order. We helped them complete their financial audits and file their returns for two recent financial years, 2016-17 & 2017-18. We also helped get their electricity bills for the last three years regularized.

We also have been able to raise INR 1.1 Lakh to help them purchase 75 study tables for specific needs of the inmates.