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Go2C activities

Knowledge Building

Conduct comprehensive studies, workshops, consultations in the state on various thematic issues ( sectors, segments and spatial ) for creating an enhanced knowledge base for various interventions.

Publication of research based studies and documentation of best practices on our website.

Action Pilots

Action research projects be implemented on field, based on knowledge base created for showcasing alternate models that can lead to:

  1. Improved delivery of services.
  2. Impact a certain section of society successfully.
  3. Alternate partnership models being created.

Incubation / Strengthening

Go2C will strengthen the existing Government Institutions.

Institutions related to other stakeholders may also be strengthened as this will contribute towards the development of the state in the long run.

Policy Advisory

As part of Go2C's mandate, policy level recommendations will be made to the government for various sectors/ segment to impact larger populations across the state.

Collaborating Partners

Go2C collaborates with organizations and individuals for furthering the causes espoused to helping them meet their goals

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