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Indians for Collective Action (ICA): 50 Years of Social Service

31 March ,  2020Since their inception in 1968, Indians for Collective Action (ICA) works towards India's development sustainably by partnering, nurturing and supporting, committed initiatives and nonprofits in the region. The following blog celebrates their story and work, also capturing the story of our partners, at their Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Santa Clara, USA in 2018. Read more

Go2C at Skoll World Forum 2020

27 March ,  2020Skoll World Forum 2020 was scheduled to be held at Oxford, UK in March - April 2020. The Forum unfortunately got cancelled due to preventive health and safety measures owing to the COVID 19 pandemic, and has now moved to an online forum of representation. Government to Citizen Changemakers Foundation (Go2C) was to earlier physically represent itself in Oxford, but however we look forward to joining the sessions online. . .Read more

A Torchbearer Event | The Right To Food Network Annual Convention

Nov ,  2019The Go2C team pens down a firsthand account of expressions for freedom amidst pressing times in the country earlier this September, as a diverse network of value-driven organisations meet under the Right to Food Umbrella. . .Read more

ESTAH Organizes National Farmathon 2019 !

June ,  2019Our Partner ESTAH organizes the first-of-its-kind National Farmathon event on 23-24 June 2019 at Bangalore, attempting to bring together those who support and those involved in natural and integral farming . . .Read more

A Voice For the Silenced

May,  2019Our Partner Initiative, Mauna Dhwani strives toward the rehabilitation of women survivors and marginalised communities . In this feature, their initiative on bringing sustainable livelihoods through reviving a handicraft of weaving in rural Orissa called Tanta Gatha gets featured in Connect ,Kellogg College's Annual Magazine . . .Read more

Environmental Sustainability & Youth Employment Must be Integrated to Address Rural Housing In India

December ,  2018The Inclusive Business Action Network, a global initiative supporting the scaling and replication of inclusive businesses blogs with the help of Indian Housing Federation (IHF), a Go2C Partner on Gharaunda, a rural housing pilot initiative in flood-prone Lakhimpur District in Assam. IHF builds a case in this on the five key steps for developing sustainable solutions to India’s rural housing crisis . . .Read more

Vocations and Avocations: Making CSR globally and morally relevant

May ,  2018The Yale School Of Management's blog features Lijo Chacko, our Executive Director making a pertinent case for governments, corporates and non-profits to come together towards social good, a concept central to Go2C. He weaves together his thoughts on how each of them in their shoes can bring together vocations and avocations, toward this goal . . .Read more

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