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ESTAH Organizes National Farmathon 2019 !

ESTAH is a Go2C’s partner based out of Banglore India, working on improving the lives of farmer communities through natural farming methods. As a non-for-profit Society, ESTAH’s vision is to advocate social entrepreneurs to create self-sustaining ecosystems in India’s towns and villages.

Organized by ESTAH, The National Farmathon will happen in 23rd & 24th June 2019 at the St Francis de Sales College, Electronic City, Bangalore. The event is the first-of-its-kind. It attempts to bring together those who support and those involved in natural and integral farming. It also has the objective to create a Think-Tank, bringing together representatives from various parts of the globe, covering different domains of farming, sustainability, and environment.

The event will also discuss and highlight sustainable farming, community farming and shared resources for farming.The participants can attend workshops, listen to eminent speakers, and also run a marathon through farms.

The event seeks to empower farmers by the dissemination of knowledge about sustainable farming techniques and market requirements while introducing FACT – Farmer and Consumer Technologies.

Seeking to address the bigger picture, the event seeks to make the natural farming sector self-sustainable through better asset mapping and supply-demand mapping, thus improving the economic status of villages that depend primarily on farmers practicing natural farming. The events presents a creative way to bring in a close-knit Farmer & Consumer relationship through a run together !

The event consists of a 5 run that engages runners with majestic views of the city of Bangalore. The terrain ranges from rolling unpaved roads to more technical single track trails which will take runners through important IT landmarks & natural farms.

Other important activities consist of workshops, presentations and debates aimed to share best practices and promote a peer-to-peer learning network. The event will discuss the existing scenario in India with experts from within the state and also with notable speakers, with conversations on how farmer's issues are being addressed in India and around the world.

The Farmathon will also provide a common platform to corporates, government agencies, NGOs, civil society, academics and other groups to share their expectations, aspirations and responsibilities. The event will provide an open space showcases and exhibitions for diverse expositors. Visitors can get information about fertilizers, technology startups, machinery, accessories, tractors, and so on.

Everyone can also enter a gastronomic ride with delicious food from farmers food stalls and eat the best organic food as possible !

Farmathon thus welcomes all type of farmers, especially those who want to share their knowledge and experience, widen their network, and learn about sustainable farming techniques and market requirements.

College students and researchers are invited to visit the event which will be a great opportunity to awareness on farmers issues and practices. Further Agribusiness companies, Environment think tanks, and all kinds of relevant enterprises are invited to leverage this opportunity to connect with farmers practicing natural farming. The event is completely pet-friendly.

Most Importantly, Farmathon welcomes you,our reader ! Come, give of yourself, be nourished with knowledge and learning, and grow together with the community of the Farmathon.

Farmathon also seeks sponsorships from corporates and Individuals, whose work will be showcased in various forms through the event.

For Registration and any kind of queries, please reach out to Mr. Atchuta on his number +91 90084 99555 or on email at